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2013 Résztvevők

ÉV fotó

Résztvevők 2013

Collin HOPE

Collin Hope is a full time practising artist. He studied Fine Art in New Zealand and completed a masters degree in art from  Melbourne University. He also studied public art at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.
Collin has exhibited in New Zealand and Europe. He has accepted several artist residencies including residencies at the International Ceramic Studio  in Hungary and the Scottish National Sculptural Workshop.
He has been the recipient of various New Zealand national and regional art awards and prizes including a national award for ceramics and regional  prize and entries for painting and drawing.
Collin lives in Raumati Beach with his family in a sculptural object/house that crosses the boundaries of art and sculpture. It has received  wide national publicity including dedicated television programmes and national press. The house has a dedicated website  at


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